Creating a World of Peace for Children

Acquaviva di Isernia, Molise, Italy

Autographing our book, Happy Hearts, Messages of Peace for Children, at an elementary school for the children of Molise, Italy.

Joan Marie established Peace Writers in 2008 with a wish for all children to know and experience the gift of peace in their lives.

Ambassador for Global Peace, Joan has provided hundreds of children the opportunity to learn about peace through peace building activities she has created.  Joan's greatest joy is fostering global peace by bridging countries through goodwill, and educating children about Peace.

The Peace Writers project enriches the lives of children around the globe creating a world of Peace for all.

Peace Writers is a project that offers peace building activities for schools and organizations designed to educate and enrich the lives of children across the globe. 

Joan Marie Amatuzio

International Ambassador

for Global Peace


A Day of Peace Building

North Carolina, USA