​Our Aid Reaches Out to Children in the USA and Across the Globe.




USA - Providing aid to homeless women.

Georgia, USA Relief Aid- Aid for families in crisis.

Virginia, USA - Providing aid to underserved families.

​​Join us in alleviating hunger and poverty!​​

Your donation is greatly appreciated and truly makes a difference for so many children! 

CONTACT:  Joan Marie


SPRING - SUMMER  USA and ITALY  Aiding those in crisis.  

ITALY  Bojano, Molise

 Mooresville Soup Kitchen,  Moorsville, North Carolina    

Providing children WCI tote bags filled with school supplies, food aid, and autographed children's books.

WINTER - 2019   ITALY - Providing aid to children

FALL- WINTER 2018  North Carolina, USA and ITALY

SPRING - SUMMER 2018  Virginia, North Carolina, USA  Serving Families in need, Soup Kitchens, and the Homeless.

​​WINTER - 2017Virginia, USA  Delivered Holiday Cheer, Food

and Clothing to children and families. 

​​SUMMER - 2015  Molise, ITALY

Food aid, clothing and financial assistance delivered to families in crisis.  Offering hope and support to women and children in the villages and hamlets.

June 2015 - Mother Superior Lucidia, Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Bojano, Molise, Italy -  Feeding Families.


CHRISTMAS  2018   ​Italy  and USA


CHRISTMAS  2016   Virginia, USA

Delivering food, clothing and toys for women and children in crisis.

Providing Handcrafted Rosary and Holiday Cheer to those afflicted with illness and loss. 

CHRISTMAS 2015   Connecticut, USA
 Delivering Food Aid, Christmas Presents, and Holiday Cheer to families.

SUMMER - FALL  2017 

Virginia, USA -  Served 150 Women and Children.  Provided aid to the Homeless.  Visited Seniors and provided lunch. 


The Baptist Children's Home Thomasville, North Carolina

Celebrating Valentine's Day with the women and children.


​Italian American Relief aid -NIAF:   Aiding Amatrice, Italy, Earthquake Victims.


​Providing direct aid to women and children in the USA and Italy.

Pesche, Molise, Italy

Christmas Care Packages for women and children.

Women and Children International supports Exploring the Arts  (ETA) is a nonprofit organization founded in 1999 by Tony Bennett and Susan Benedetto. ETA's mission is to strengthen the role of the arts in public high school education transforming the lives of young people.

Celebrating Valentine's Day!

Our Happy Hearts books and tote bags filled with goodies provided to the women and children at The Baptist Children's Home.

SPRING - 2015  Thomasville, North Carolina , USA

Baptist Children's Homes of North Carolina

In Loving Memory of Clarice Crapps

Celebrating Valentine's Day with women and children. Presenting them with autographed Happy Hearts books, school supplies, and necessities.

​​Christmas - 2014

Happy Holidays to all the Children of the World!

Sending Holiday Care Packages for Children and Families in Molise, Italy.

May - 2014  Molise, Italy

Providing food aid and transportation for children so they may attend school.

Delivering our dual language children's book, Happy Hearts to children in local villages.  Visiting schools and sharing our language and culture in the classrooms. Visiting and supporting organizations for those with disabilities, and providing financial assistance to children and families in crisis.

Summer - 2014  Mooresville/ Huntersville, North Carolina, USA

Mooresville Soup Kitchen

Angels and Sparrows Soup Kitchen

Provided food aid for Christmas Dinner
Delivered Tote Bags filled with school supplies and food aid.

Autographed  Happy Hearts book for the children.


Spring - 2013   Rutherfordton, North Carolina, USA

Rutherford  Hospital

Delivered Baby Blankets to New Born Infants in need.

    International Peace Building: Italy

     Books autographed for Children

              Our book: Happy Hearts

         Messages of Peace for Children

             Women and Children International