Price  19.95

Saint Benedict Rosary

Highest Quality Handcrafted Saint Benedict Italian Olive Wood Rosary.

Features a large, open 2" Saint Benedict two-sided Cross with  a two-sided Saint Benedict centerpiece

(back view shown).  Includes velvety pouch.          

Highest Quality Handcrafted Italian Olive Wood Our Lady of Loreto Rosary.

Features Saint Benedict 1 1/2" Cross (back view) accented with Our Lady of Loreto miniature 3 piece charm. (heart, Lady of Loreto medal and cross). Includes velvety pouch.    

  Price Set  $12.95

Price  $4.00

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*We offer Custom Made Rosary at no extra charge. 

 (919) 200 3044

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Statue  6"   Price  $8.95

Price  59.95

Price 19.95

White  Price Set   $10.95

Beautiful Olive Wood Rosary features a laser cut Miraculous Medal centerpiece with an inlaid two-sided medal with blue enamel accents.  1 1/2" laser cut olive wood cross.  Round carved beads with oval Our Father beads. Includes a velvety pouch.          

Price  $3.00

Our Beautiful Handcrafted Italian Olive Wood Rosary

Beautiful Handcrafted Olive Wood Rosary featuring Our Lady of Loreto centerpiece and charm crafted near the Marian site in Loreto, Italy.  Olive Wood Cross measures 1 1/2"  with round carved and oval Olive Wood Beads.  Includes a velvety pouch.     

Our Rosaries are made with loving care and are created with high quality handcrafted Olive Wood Beads from Italy. 

We partner with a family of three generations who work together to create all natural and chemical-free genune Italian olive wood beads.   We create unique, and beautiful heirloom rosaries for our customers.  All beads and rosary parts are high quality and imported from Italy.   Rosaries are designed and created with loving care by our artisan,  Angela Mae.

Our Lady of Loreto Charm Rosary

A set of two Cherubs with Instruments

Made in Italy, White or Hand-painted resin.  Dimensions: 4"  wide by  5 1/2" high


Beautiful white plaster Holy Water Font. 

Dimensions: 6" wide by 4 1/2 "  high     

Beautiful Mater Dolorosa and Ecce Homo two-sided center piece medal (Passion Head of Christ), accented with Saint Benedict two-sided

1 1/2"  Olive Wood Cross. Rosary is handcrafted with round carved and oval Olive Wood Beads. (front and back views)  Includes velvety pouch.    


Handcrafted and hand-painted:  Our Lady of Loreto Statues Made in Italy.

Choose Ebony, Ebony in Color, White and Gold

Each statue is 6" tall - made of resin  

A very special and beautiful Relic Cross of Saint Francis of Assisi.

Olive Wood Rosary features a large 3" San Damiano Cross 3rd Class Relic, and a Saint Padre Pio Center.  Oval Olive Wood beads.  Includes a velvety pouch.      

Olive Wood Cross

Commemorative Jubilee Year of Mercy Two-sided Medal

Beautiful high quality medal.  Made in Italy with crisp images.      

Jubilee Pater Beads 

(Close-up View)

Stunning, large Wall Rosary handcrafted in Italy.  Stone look made of Resin.  Beads are designed with a unique four- sided images of Jesus and Mary.  Centerpiece is a beautiful image of the Holy Family.

Dimensions:  Entire Circle with Cross  148"

Cross  measures 6 3/4" length, 4 1/4 " wide

Centerpiece 4" long        

Price  16.95

Our Lady of Loreto Statues

Price 19.95

Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal Rosary

Cherubs White Set

Price 19.95

Two piece Keepsake First Holy Communion Rosary with carved round Olive Wood Beads, and Oval Pater Beads. Rosary is accented with a beautiful White and Silver Enamel Cross and Centerpiece with Chalice and Host.  Includes matching First Holy Communion Medal on 18" Chain with clasp.  Necklace arrives in a gift box. Includes a velvety pouch for rosary.

Price 19.95


Price  $29.95

Price  $22.95

Beautiful handcrafted Year of Mercy Good Shepard Cross Rosary.  Two-sided centerpiece  includes the official commemorative Jubilee script on one side and Pope Francis image on the other side.

 Saint Francis of Assisi Relic Rosary

Cherubs  Hand Painted Set

Cherub Holy Water Font

Create a special place in your home for a beautiful Our Lady of Loreto statue.

Beautiful details in soft off white stone mix.  Inscribed in Latin

"Virgo Lauretana"

Our Lady of Loreto

Handcrafted in Italy.

Choose 6" or  9"  Statues.    

Mother of Sorrow Rosary

Our Lady of Loreto Statues

First Holy Communion Rosary Set

Rosaries are shipped First Class fixed $3.00 shipping for 1 to 4 Rosaries, up to 10 ounces.  Delivery time is 3-5 days.

Pope Francis Cross Rosary

Ebony                   Price  $14.95

Ebony in Color    Price  $14.95

White and Gold   Price  $14.95

St. Francis of Assisi - St. Anthony Two-Sided Medal

Statue  9"  Price   $14.95

Price    $3.00

Jubilee Year of Mercy Rosary

Price  $29.95

Handcrafted Italian Olive Wood Crucifix

Genune Italian Olive Wood

Beautiful handwork and intricate details.  Includes a certificate of authenticity.          



Saint Padre Pio Medal

Price  19.95

Heavy items over 10 ounces are shipped

Priority Mail Flat rate at $8.75.


Price  $3.00



Our Lady of Loreto Rosary

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Medal

Handcrafted Olive Wood Crosses made in Italy by Master Artisans.

         The History of Olive Trees

A symbol of victory, strength and peace, the olive tree’s beauty is referenced in countless ancient texts including the Bible (Hosea 14:6). The olive tree’s cultivation began more than 7,000 years ago. Valued for its fruit and oil, and for the unique attributes of its wood, it is cherished as the one of the hardest, densest and most durable of all woods.

Price  $24.95